Flex Staffing Services (FSS)

  • Contingent staff where the roles are not permanent.
  • Complimentary staff where additional hands are required either to match the peaks and troughs in the business cycle or to extend the execution arm of an organization.
  • Managed Services Program where a set of tasks are outsourced to create a predefined business impact.

KT provides Flex staff with varied skill-sets on its payroll across multiple locations. We call them our Deputees (Flex Staff). They work at our client organizations for a specified period of time across different functions and levels. We do end-to- end employee life cycle management with an option to be hired on to the client payroll, offering complete flexibility. Our technology enabled transparent work process brings in proven efficiency in deputee engagement and reduces employee Query Resolution Time massively.

Flex Staffing Services Process Flow Chart
Rigorous management of compliance and risks
  • Domain experts carry out payroll and all compliance matters to ensure that there are no errors and all risks are managed appropriately.
  • Our client focus ensures that we align with the specific requirements of each client around their internal processes.
Enhanced Employee Productivity
  • Right selection of candidates using our expertise and unique matching algorithm.
  • Transparent work processes using technology that lead to a huge reduction in queries from employees and line managers.
  • Quick resolution of queries, if any, and thus, preventing the wastage of your precious time.

KT is sensitive to the fact that in addition to Flex Staffing, organizations also need value added services not just limited to employee engagement, performance management, talent pipeline management etc. In such cases, we bring in a dedicated team for them; they operate out of the customer’s office/ location and do everything for that client – for the line managers, HR team,finance team, legal team and all the temp staff of KT working there; they bring in higher efficiency in staffing and a significant increase in productivity.