Permanent Selection Services (PSS)

KT presents the most suitable profiles in the shortest possible time for clients by using advanced data analytics frameworks. Our experienced consultants engage with clients and candidates deeply to understand their context. And the unique algorithm matches the context of a role in the employer organization to that of the potential candidate.
We believe that the context is very important in a recruitment process apart from the job description, profiles and the candidate’s competencies. Our consultants are trained to understand the context of an organization and that of the role in the organizational structure. Similarly, a candidate has a context apart from the competencies that he/she possesses. We not only match the job description of the role with the competencies of a candidate but also assess if the context of the organization and the role match with the competencies of the candidate. Thus the match ensures finding the best candidate for the job and ensures better retention rate.
KT carries out a 15-30- 45-60- 90 days’ touch-base plan with the new incumbent and helps the client group integrate them with the mainstream business.


At KT, we understand the importance of filling up a vacancy whether it’s a new or a replacement position. Realizing fully well that speed and selection of the right profiles are of the essence, our experienced recruiters are specially trained to understand the context in which the candidate has to perform; this in tandem with our unique algorithm used in the matching process ensures that we find the best matches in the quickest possible time. We use Natural Language Processing based machine learning to refine our search for your ideal candidate a unique feature among the recruitment agencies in India.
We believe that context is very important in recruitment apart from the job description, the resume and the competencies that a candidate has. Our consultants are trained to understand the context of an organization and that of the role in the organization’s structure.

Advantages with KT
  • Expertise in attracting and finding the best candidates using advanced data sciences.
  • Expert consultants – that helps you reduce your hiring time and cost with their rich industry experience.
  • Unsuccessful candidates are added to a database to aid a referral process
  • Ability to identify individuals who technically and culturally match a client’s requirements with advanced use of algorithms.
  • Proven methodology for notifying unsuccessful candidates while protecting the client brand.